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WB18 w/User Groupware and favorites???

Startbeitrag von Jim Carson am 25.11.2013 20:44

I have just setup a WB18 Server and deployed a Dynamic Webdev app on it. This app uses "User Groupware". All seems to run as expected.

That a user can run the app from the IP, log on via the User Groupware and proceed correctly. My problem is that if the user saves one of the app pages to their Favorites and then runs the app from the Favorites link.... that page is displayed and the User Groupware login is skipped.

What am I missing?


p.s. I noticed that the user session will time out and then the user would be routed back to the user login. Is there a way control how long it takes for a user session to time out once they have closed the browser?


I see the disconnect Idle users in the Webdev Administrator with a default of 10 minutes (600 sec). So I will just live with that.

Question 2: On my server there seems to be multiple occurrences of the Webdev Admin running. Anyone know why this happens?

von Jim Carson - am 25.11.2013 21:41
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