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[WB18] List of servers/databases

Startbeitrag von Piet van Zanten am 26.11.2013 17:51


As I'm still developing new features for my Webdev application, I regularly update my server and my developing machine with analysis modifications from the analysis pane in Webdev. Frequently the list of databases and servers becomes empty. Then I have to type the list of server ip's and the ports and select the databases to update all over again. That's very annoying. Also some unused classic local directories relentlessly re-appear in the list, even if I explicitly remove them ("delete the references to the selected elements from the .REP" as Webdev states for the minus button).
Does anyone know where the database and server settings for automatic modification are stored, so I can make a backup?
I thought in a .rep file, but could neither find any reference to the servers in the .rep file, nor to the local directories.



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