HDBOpen failing after MSSQL Connection

Startbeitrag von Malc am 27.11.2013 10:49

Hi Guys

I need to reference a field in an old Foxpro table, which I wrote using the HDBOpen function and in the procedure tested fine.

However, when run within the application, which uses MSSQL for normal data operations, I get an exception implying a login timeout on MSSQL which obviously is not related to the DBF.

I have tried implicitly closing the connection - still fails. I have tried running it within a dummy report or dummy window to give it its own hyperfile context, still no joy.

I have finally managed a workaround by creating a separate component which has its own contexts, and this appears to work, but for one very small routine is a bit of a naff workaround.

Any suggestions/pointers?

Note that the table is a free table so I have no database container to connect to using VFPOLEDB to run a subsequent query. I have managed to describe a connection and connect to the dbf, but have absolutely no idea how to query a data source that is the connection?




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