Combined 32-bit/64-bit install option grayed

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 28.11.2013 16:56

Happy Thanksgiving to the US developers!

I have been using the Project -> Generate a combined 32-bit/64-bit setup ... (in the Setup procedure drop down). Today I generated first a 64-bit setup, then a 32-bit setup, but when I went to do the combined, the option is grayed.

I can't figure out why this happens. It happened once before and I had a hard time getting it to be enabled again. Also, I don't remember how I got it enabled again.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?



I was able to re-enable the Combined by adding a second 64bit configuration. I have not tried to delete the second 64-bit configuration.

von Jeff Graham - am 28.11.2013 18:01
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