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[OT] PCSoft Dongle - they are tough

Startbeitrag von Al am 01.12.2013 06:10

Hello All

This weekend I ran over one of the older style parallel port ones with a lawn mower - don't ask what it was doing in my lawn, that's a whole other story - but it emerged from the lawn mower minus its plastic cover, with bent and twisted metal end plates and a couple of bent pins in the DB25 end. I straightened the pins, took a deep breath, plugged it into my computer and fired up Windev 16 and it worked fine.

Luckily its a spare dongle, but I think it is finally time to retire it, so it will be on the next plane to France to swap it for a USB one before anything else happens to it.



Hi Al,

I would suspect that the USB dongles wouldn't come out the other end of a good mowing in as good shape? :eek:

I have a USB dongle from WD11 days and they are NOT even designed to be plugged in and un-plugged, never mind mowed!!! ;) However, a liberal squirt of Super Glue into the developing cracks has at least rescued it from cracking further. I now have my dongles permanently plugged into a USB hub to avoid having to plug & un-plug them. Hopefully this will prolong their lifespan - you never know I might need to mow them sometime in the future?! ;)

von DarrenF - am 01.12.2013 08:53
Hello Al,

Maybe there is something wrong with your lawn mower? Does it actually cut the grass? I haven't been able to break mine, either. Have you tried a garbage disposer?
Keep us informed, and let us know if you find a reliable method to break a dongle:)

best regards

P.S. Maybe a snow blower could do the trick?

von Ola (not signed in) - am 01.12.2013 22:50
Ah, but will it survive blending?

http://www.willitblend.com/ :)


von Malc - am 03.12.2013 12:03
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