Tu Felix Australia,looking for a temporary Job in Down Under

Startbeitrag von BLS am 06.12.2008 23:46

to make a long story short. I am looking for a temporary Job in Australia

just some facts :

I am using WD since 5.0 and WB since 1.0 (still don't like WB) Beside that, I speak C/C++, Java, D (C-ish languages) I am also familar with Pascal,Modula ,ADA:

I am weak at pure functionell languages like Haskell and in ML like languages;

I' ve made (fullfilled) some Jobs for the EU, and (in conjunction with the EU) I stand for a huge project made for the TÜV Auto Euro Service as seniour developer.

I speak german, english, french(lousy) and a little bit dutch.

My age is 47 (means .not yet dead) , and here is an interview with SUN employee Geertjan Wilanga and me. ( Contains a small picture of mine, and what I am doing outside WD programming)


Sure, not realy a complete CV ....but .....heck.......in case .....just ask

Bjoern Lietz-Spendig

Oh, until the middle of January I am occupied with an very interesting WD/C++ Job:


How long are you available for?

von Paul Turner - am 08.12.2008 03:35
Hi Paul,
I am afraid my wife is not willing to give me more than 6 month.
Bjoern nanali at wanadoo dot fr

von BLS - am 08.12.2008 10:17
Harsh wife :)

I'll contact you early next week with some details of a 6 month job, preferably based in Brisbane.


von Paul Turner - am 09.12.2008 00:40
Paul Turner
Harsh wife :)


yeah, she is nasty.... and she (it) read your message :)

thanks paul, hope to hear from you soon.

von BLS - am 10.12.2008 01:23
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