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HFSQL service "disabled"

Startbeitrag von Walter Dieltjens am 11.12.2013 13:48

Hi all,

Anyone experienced the following problem?

(On a system that has been running for several years without having done any changes to the hardware)

MantaManager service and HFSQL service is running ok (WD17)
After a while (hour, day, week) HFSQL stops working
All users loose connection

Checking the windows services MantaManager is still running
Checking via HF-control centre, HF is still running
Checking the windows services indicates HF is "disabled"

Restarting or stopping HF via control centre isn't possible.
Only solution at that moment is to restart the service and HF
After a while the same problem occurs

Tried to reboot the server, reinstall HFSQL with no luck.

So, what makes HFSQL to stop the windows service ?



Hi Walter.

what shows the event log ?

von Michael Drechsel - am 11.12.2013 14:31
it's been running for years? No viruses, no trojans? Hardware is OK? Event log checked?
Means, the HFSQL-Version is old, very old, maybe!
Only thing which changes a running Windows Server is Windows Update.
So, it seems to me that Windows changed and updated something which HFSQL doesn't like.
First Suggestion for a cure is to update HyperFileSQL.

von GuenterP - am 11.12.2013 15:43
Or restore the system where it was (if restore reference point is available in your windows).


von Vassilis Boutsikas - am 13.12.2013 12:14

Maybe look at your firewall settings.



von Allard - am 13.12.2013 13:37
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