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When updating my WB18 website, the static Index page doesn't change?

Startbeitrag von Jim Carson am 16.12.2013 00:52

Why? This is installed on windows 2008 SVR. Does IIS have anything to do with it? All the index files in my site folder have the new Index HTML file. I am using remote desktop services to copy a site install and installing it. This seams to be the only page that is not updating? :confused:


Hi Jim,

Perhaps you need to refresh the browser (F5).


von Piet van Zanten - am 16.12.2013 09:18
Thanks Piet. I tried this, but I still get the origonal opening static page.


von Jim Carson - am 16.12.2013 13:56
Hey Jim,

could you provide more info? If I understand it right you have a webdev made static site running on a windows 2008 server using IIS?
You made an update to the static pages using webdev, and generated them, then uploaded them all to your server.
inc. the index.html right?
You are sure that your new index.html has replaced the old one? (checked the file size)

If the index.html is replaced and it is still showing the wrong home page there are a few things that could be wrong.
Maybe cause of a legacy version there are "higher prio" home pages that open instead of your new home page.
My IIS is on Dutch so I will translate them myself, so the naming could be wrong.
If you go to your website in IIS you can open the option "defaultdocuments".
If you open that you see a list with files that could be your home page.
For me index.awp is on top, check if any of the listed files are present in your web folder.
It happened to me once that the first time I did setup my webdev site it created a Default.htm.
After I changed some stuff it generated a index.html and the Default would be open cause it had a higher prio.

If this didn't help please let me know and don't forget to check if your site has been fully updated on your workstation.
This makes finding the problem a lot easier.

Best regards,

von David van Pelt - am 16.12.2013 14:31
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