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Email using Word in WD18

Startbeitrag von A.H.J. Mess am 17.12.2013 09:39


Who can help me with or knows howto do the automatison for creating (bulk)emailings with Word (with a template) and send them out tru Outlook.

Kind regards, Aad


check the example provided with windev to see one of the ways to control word
C:\WinDev 18\Examples\Training\WD Controlling Word

To send the email check EmailStartSession and the related Email* functions

von Paulo Oliveira - am 17.12.2013 11:32
Hi Aad,

If it is not a hard requirement to use word I might suggest using storing the templates within your app in a database field and then creating your own tagging mechanism to insert data. This is what I do in my app.

I store canned email scripts such as this in my DB.

Dear [FirstName],

Thank you for your interest in XXXXXXXXX. Atttached are some itineraries that we selected for you based on your interests. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to call.

Kind Regards,

[UserFirst] [UserLast]

When it's time to send and email I update a string with the DB field and then process the tags using the "Replace" command.


I fill the variables with data to merge and then use following code to update string which I then return to the email program to send.


von steve erts - am 18.12.2013 20:39
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