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Survey about windev inside browser

Startbeitrag von Paulo Oliveira am 17.12.2013 12:20

I received yesterday one email with one survey about one product to run windev apps inside the browser.
the text was: Nouvel outil pour téléporter votre application Windev

Any one knows something about this product, who is selling it and how it works?


Hi Paulo

there was some chatter (and a link to a video) on a french mailing list (also on the pcsoft forum, but that was removed quickly) but nobody seems to know what's what... It looks like a way to "teleport" a windev program on server and use it via a browser, as is. Our thought at this point (completely unsubstantiated) :
- it's kind of like cytrix, but for windev programs only
- so it should be ok on intranet, but latency on the internet may be a killer
- we have no information at this point on how to manage printer and other hardware linked to the client through a browser
- considering the content of the windev license, the fact that the post was removed very quickly from pcsoft forum, and the very "shadowy" way of presenting the potential product, it looks like pcsoft lawyers should be working on the file quickly (if not already)

So, IF it is legal, IF it is finished, IF there are functions to manage local hardware, and IF latency is not a problem, that may be a quick and dirty way to port a windev app into browsers, with of course the remaining problem of making users work "à la windev" inside a browser (look and feel, modal windows, etc), without of course any of the web advantage (I don't see how SEO could be accomplished with something like that)

Feel free to disagree with any of the above, as we have as little facts as you do on the subject.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 17.12.2013 18:21
Thanks Fabrice, you are probably right.
I just receive that email watch the video and decide to investigate a litle bit more about that.

If someone is trying to sell this and if it's legal it will be something to test and evaluate just to see what it can do and if it's usable with our apps or not.

Let's wait and see if they appear again with some information about the product or if it's dead by some reason.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 17.12.2013 18:41
Hi Paulo,

Was it TSPlus? (http://tsplus.net/)

This is French Product that a number of Clarion Developers have started using. It was demonstrated in ClarionLive a while back and looked quite good - so I purchased a copy :)


von Steve M - am 17.12.2013 22:06
Hi Steve M;

I just had a visit over the website and had an overlook about the product..Since its a new product in market i doubt its sustainability.

Heard you have just brought one ..Have you start using it? Is is it so that it supports universal printer? Will our Windev application work perfect?

What about connection speed?

Thanks in advance

von Amal Murali - am 18.12.2013 06:45
Hi Fabrice Harari;

I would like to know about the email received to you and if it works it would be helpful to lot of people so if you can forward the email you received would be a great help if i could see the Video mentioned in the mail and clarify my doubts.

Thanks in advance;

von Amal Murali - am 18.12.2013 06:52
Hi steve,
It doesn't look like TSPLUS, in the video it shows one component that you have to add to your app and call one procedure in the init code of the project.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 18.12.2013 09:06
Hi to all,
I don't see why this could be ILLEGAL ....
Maybe the post in PCSofts forums could be illegal but NOT the product.
Could someone please post the link to the website?

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 18.12.2013 09:39
Why dont you post a link to it so everyone can see what you refer to?

von JP - am 18.12.2013 11:34
I can't find it anymore.
That's why i post this message, to see if someone received the same survey and knows something about this product.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 18.12.2013 11:49

If this really works (with all controls - I can´t believe) that woud be great.
Or is this similar to a small terminal server ?

von Michael Drechsel - am 18.12.2013 13:26
Michael, That's it.
Sounds too good to be true. Bizarre anyone have information on this product.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 18.12.2013 14:44
Indeed it looks to good to be true. The other link is nice as well ( ? (http://tsplus.net/)

von Allard - am 18.12.2013 16:11
It looks incredible. There is a similar product for Visual FoxPro called FoxInCloud although I have not tested it myself and it is not just a single line of code that needs to be changed but rather a number of things depending on the nature of the application. It also requires another 3rd party server-side engine and, of course, Visual FoxPro (a language no longer being enhanced).

FoxInCloud seems to intercept VFP screens and converts them to html5/ajax/jscript for displaying in the browser. It then receives user input back and sends that into the server-side application - something along those lines. I assume Télépode is doing a similar thing.

This product, Télépode, looks fantastic in the video but the lack of website further information is disconcerting...?

von JP - am 18.12.2013 17:02
This product, Télépode, looks fantastic in the video but the lack of website further information is disconcerting...?

Hi JP, the Video makes me suspect that the product Télépode currently works with Edit Controls only. No Table Controls, no Combo-Boxes etc. to be seen. However, we indeed did test http://tsplus.net/ which worked just fine with a rich WinDev application and seemed to be fast enough for a *small count of concurrent users*. I firmly believe that something like WebDev with 3000 simultaneous connections is impossible. But it will work just fine if a small Company wants to give their salesmen access to their main items database while wanting to avoid the extra cost of making a mobile or a web application. However, one can reach approximately the same functionality while using TeamViewer or any other VNC type product. So, imho all of these aren't really a danger to WinDev Mobile or WebDev ...

von GuenterP - am 18.12.2013 17:52
Hi Amal,

So far I have only run a TSPlus test using one of my larger Clarion Applications across my home Wireless network. It ran very well, including printing. As Guenter points out you need to take into account the number of concurrent users. You can setup multiple servers if the number of users increases.

Aside from remote application access. One of the main reasons some Clarion developers are using it is, it cuts down on the Opslock issues you get when running ISAM databases like Clarion TPS and WinDev Hyperfile (note: I am NOT referring to HFCS) accross a Network. This is because everything is executing on the Server.

Unfortunately I haven't tried it with a WinDev application yet. But Guenters posting suggests they will run fine.


von Steve M - am 18.12.2013 22:41
Hi Steve M;

Thanks for your reply...I had gone through the website of tsplus and they had put a live demo of remote application. i tried some and seems the response is too slow.
If am am gonna try with a windev application depending upon the database size is there any chances for slow acess and response of application??

Let me know i you had tested it over a Windev application.


von Amal Murali - am 19.12.2013 07:22
Hi Amal,

yes, we tested one of our larger WinDev projects and it turned out that you can use it for *occasional access*, but not for regular usage. Means, if the boss is on vacation and wants to look for the current orders, the turnover, print a Report, that's ok. It's ok, if you have three salesmen in the field and they occasionally want to lookup product prices etc. For sure it's not ok to have ten salesmen creating their invoices at the same time etc. However, our remote server sits on a 100Mbit connection and our test-PCs are using 6 - 8 Mbit connections. I doubt that it would work fine on a mobile web connection via one of those 3G usb-internet-sticks.

von GuenterP - am 19.12.2013 07:57
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