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[WM 17] FTP: "délai d'attente dépassé"

Startbeitrag von RAUL2 am 20.12.2013 00:45

Hi everybody...

I'm trying the FTP Client example in order to know if the FTP...() functions work properly in Android.

When I transfer small files (few KBs) it works great.

If the file is larger (for instance a 6.6MB mp3), it seems the files is transfered ok (when I check them on the server), but I get the "délai d'attente dépassé" error. Next, the app crushes... (Also, if I check out the task manager in my phone, sometimes the app get all the processor for itself.)

This is a simple ProFTP (remote) server from the job and works ok. Do you have any remarks? It would be trusty to develop something for FTP uploading/downloading in Android with WM 17?

Best regards.


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