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Deploying Intranet application developed using WebDev on LAN

Startbeitrag von Tariq Mujber.pcs.crosspost am 26.12.2008 09:22

I have a problem to deploy a project created using WebDev on LAN to be used as Dynamic Intranet.

Can you please let me know the following:

1. Do I have to install WebDev Application Server on a Server Operating System (e.g. Windows 2003) or I can install it on Win XP.
2. Do I have to configure the Apache on the server or on the development PC of WebDev application.
3. Please let me know the steps of how can I configure Hyper File/Client Server to be able to share a database of a website on LAN Intranet (Windows Domain).

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1) you have to install WAS in the machine that is going to be your WEB SERVER, the same machine that runs IIS or APACHE, if you are going to use IIS be careful with XP the IIS is limited to 10 connections.

2) you have to configure the WEB SERVER (IIS or APACHE) in the machine that is going to deploy your app. Probably you need to test your app in the development machine, in this case you have to configure the WEB SERVER in the development machine as well.
I only use IIS and in this case WEBDEV configure the IIS for you (in development) when you press the GO button. In the deployment machine it depends on how you install the app. Search the WEBDEV help for "server configuration" and for "Deploy a site" to know how to do it, for me the best way is "Manual deployment of a dynamic site" just 3 steps and it's done.

3) just define the connection details in the analisys or by programming, i always use the by programming way, in this case i can change the DB server without problems.
To do it just check this forum and you will find several post regarding this isue (for example: http://forum.mysnip.de/read.php?27131,14802)

von Paulo Oliveira - am 26.12.2008 10:40
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