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Has Anyone created a RAD Pattern project and used it?

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 27.12.2008 00:30

Hi All,

I am once again looking at the help for creating a RAD Pattern project and all the windows. It seems like a big project to get to a point that would be more useful than using an existing RAD Pattern and modifying each window generated as needed.

As a curiosity, I wanted to know if anyone has created a successful RAD Pattern and is using it? If so, what comments do you have on the process and advantages?

I have sent another suggestion that PC Soft provide the project source for each RAD Pattern so we can modify them for our use.

Happy New Year to all.

Jeff Graham


Hi Jeff,

I did have a look at what PC Soft offers us as a do-it-yourself kit for creating a RAD pattern for a single environment. Conceded, the number of environments grows with every release of Wx products but developers naturally restrict themselves to a small number of environments if not to a single one and have to follow their path according to the requirements of their customers. Btw, localisation of the RAD messages can be done while creating the pattern. So, why not let them make their own RAD?

The basic idea is to let / make you create your own RAD code, which indeed is a tedious procedure. But: the generator follows the same principles as RAD 11 did, so, the question ist why to make your own pattern at all. OK, they locked RAD 11-code & windows in WinDev 12 and keep you from adding to / changing the RAD 11 code itself. You'd have to do that in WinDev 11 and copy the resulting files to WinDev 12 now. Which is a viable solution, if you plan to correct the (few) errors of RAD 11 or to add to the RAD 11 code, which is adviceable if you're planning to use RAD in an MDI environment.

If you want to make your own RAD pattern in WD12 / WD14 I'd recommend to copy the code from finished RAD 11 windows (on basis of the given RAD analysis), correct existing errors and add your own code to save yourself from re-writing those things again and again. Since the RAD-engine stays to be the same as it is for RAD 11 I cannot see much of a problem here.

Ok, I'll make my own WinDev / German / procedural / H-commands / MDI-pattern on basis of RAD 11 and I'll let you you know as soon as it is finished.

Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 27.12.2008 09:51
Hi Jimbo. I read your post in your newsgroup system about we can't create or
modify the RAD in Wx12. I read the same thing here and i begin to ask me
about it.

The Wx11 options to work with RAD has gone in Wx12, but you can create a RAD
project type in Wx12 to generate your RAD now.

You can design your RAD project with your Control and Window designers and then
use it later in your applications.

Rubén Sánchez Peña

von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 29.12.2008 10:45
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