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Not sure if this is the right tool

Startbeitrag von derek best am 10.01.2014 23:56

Let me be as succinct as possible. A group of psychologists and myself (with fair amount of IT savvy) want to develop a tablet based app connected to a remote client server database. The app must be touchscreen and must run on iOS or Win8. We're looking at Windev and Windev Mobile. The documentation for Windev Mobile does not even mention Windows 8 as a viable platform so either WDM is outdated or the docs are. The exact distinction between Windev and Windev Mobile is unclear inasfar as it seems Windev also supports gestures and multi-touch. The docs for WDM state that an n-tier client-server architecture is a possibility, but they do so only with a single simplistic block diagram and no explanation of how it could be deployed. Assuming for a moment they want us to use WebDev, we examined all the published examples of sites created with WebDev, and none of them looked like anything but ordinary websites, by which I mean none of them were designed for touchscreen, nor was there any indication that they could be.
So are we barking up the wrong tree with these products?


Hi Derek

In no particular order:
- yes, it is possible to develop for windows 8 with windev and windev mobile and it si clearly indicated in the documentation of version 18. I don't know what doc you read. Now using windev or windev mobile for a tablet development is a very good question, and the answer depends of the VERSION of win8 (Intel processor based or ARM processeur based, which gives you by example a Surface (ARM) or a Surface PRO (Intel)). As programs developed for one version are not compatible with programs developed for the other, (that's windows, not pcsoft), you need to use windev mobile for ARM based win 8 application, and WinDev for Intel based win8.
- it is also possible to develop for IOS with windev mobile
- n-tiers: most of the time, applications developed for mobile device should be created with a local database (after all, the device is not always connected to the web), and a replication system to a central DB if necessary (which seems to be the case for you). That replication system is generally done via a web service (in my experience, an HTTP based REST type webservice is the most practical, as it is supported on every platform, and also because no firewall will block port 80, which means no configuration/access problem anywhere. In this case, the webservice could simply be a webdev awp page accessing the central DB.

So yes, all of what you are describing is perfectly possible with this series of tools, but of course the learning curve will be quite steep at the beginning

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 11.01.2014 15:18

Everything Fabrice discusses above is correct and a full and complete answer to your questions would be too large to write everything here. I know what you're going through as I went through the same process a few years ago.

I'm not on commission, but in short, I haven't found anything I can't do with WD and WB (I don't use WDM). The more powerful that tablets get, the more the lines are starting to blur. With the introduction of the Surface Pro, I can now develop s/w that runs on a tablet using WD18 - great!

I won't deny, there's a definite learning curve with WX/PCS products, but that's the case with all new dev tools, but after being in the industry for quite a while now, I honestly think that the curve is much shorter with PCS products to get something working.

One of the biggest things I noticed with WD was that everything is included; the dev API, the DB, report designer, export to Word/Excel/PDF and much more, and there's no need to start paying extra for plug-ins and add-ons (unless you want to), because it's all there - even down to a wizard that produces the install.exe when you want to distribute your s/w.

I know what you mean about Windows 8, but if you enter "windows 8" in the online help search, you'll see lots of options appear as you type in the search field. The help mainly offers "tile mode" help pages, which, lets face it, is the differentiating factor between W8 and other "desktop" version of the o/s? Also take a look at the New Features PDF if you haven't already, here; http://www.pcsoft-windev-webdev.com/WX18-Features.pdf

Finally; if you're seriously considering WX products, then my advice would be to have a go at some of the tutorial chapters to see just how easy it is to get started :spos: http://www.pcsoft-windev-webdev.com/tutorial/us/tutorial-windev-18.pdf

von DarrenF - am 11.01.2014 22:20
Hello Fabrice
Of course we must extend you the benefit of the doubt if you say Windows 8 is mentioned in the docs. I would guess you are looking at the commercial version whreas for evaluation purposes we have only the evaluation (express) version. I just searched all the pdf's again for any occurrence of "windows 8" or "Win 8" and came up with zero hits. If I am missing something obvious I apologize; perhaps you could point me to a specific page no?
Similarly the Express version does not help us very much in the area of evaluating the iOS development possibilities, simply saying that the commercial version is required for that.

The type of app we need simply will not function without web-access, as all transactions are based on lookups from a very large data-set. However thatnks for the idea about an awp page, we'll look into it, although at this moment the idea of TSPLUS is looking more attractive. All other suggestions are welcomed ...?


von derek best - am 11.01.2014 22:35
Hi, this demo version supposedly is version 17 and its feature set therefore stems from 2011, a year where we could not see any Windows 8 in the field. Demo versions are usually there for getting the look and feel of the product, not for demonstrating the full set of features.

If you look at http://www.pcsoft-windev-webdev.com/WM18brochure.pdf - it's the current English version 18 - then you will notice Windows 8 and RT being mentioned on the first page.

However, the current French version is 19, we expect to have it available in April / May 2014. Even if your command of French is very basic, you could read some of http://www.pcsoft-windev-webdev.com/brochure-WX19.pdf for understanding the new features of version 19.

von GuenterP - am 12.01.2014 03:56
Salut Guenter
Merci beaucoup. Je vais regarder.

von derek best - am 12.01.2014 04:04

Have you also looked here? http://doc.pcsoft.fr/en-US/

von DarrenF - am 12.01.2014 12:15
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