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[WD16] Table column not sortable

Startbeitrag von Erik Schwarz am 11.01.2014 15:48


have a table filled by a query and all colums are defined sortable, searchable,...

Unfortunately one column does not show the sort and search symbols in the header.
And sorting isn't done as well, but the 'whenever it is sorted' event is triggered, which I can see by doing a info function there.

Any ideas how get this done. Did already delete .cpl Directory, repair Project and delete and recreate the column with no success.



Hi Erik,

Make sure the field(s) in your column(s) are indexed. It doesn't matter that you set them to "sortable" in the Table Control properties; if the field in question isn't indexed then the sort arrow icons won't appear.


von DarrenF - am 11.01.2014 21:44
Hi Erik,

You can set the data source as being loaded in memory.
In that case columns will be sortable even if not indexed in the query or database.


von Piet van Zanten - am 11.01.2014 23:07
Hi Eric,
Since you are using a QUERY to fill the table, unlike what Piet and Darre posted, ALL your fields/columns should be SORTABLE (and Searchable).

There is no need to index or load the data source in memory. The above must be done when you are directly using a table NOT a query.

But when programming, we have to live with those "nasty exceptions" that make our lives so difficult :(

If your column is linked to a text memo (or a boolean) it won't work !!!!!

Your only solution then is what Piet said - load it in memory

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 12.01.2014 09:53
Hi Erik,

Are you sure/have you checked that the non-sortable column really is linked to the query? If it is not (and is filled by programming), then that column is not sortable.

Best regards

von Ola - am 09.02.2014 18:39
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