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[WB18] Execution of automated procedures problem

Startbeitrag von Antonio GS am 13.01.2014 09:57


I'm working on a WebDev18 project and I needed to run an automated procedure everyday at certain hour.

I created a sample project with a simple automated procedure to check if this worked (send an email or change any field of a database), but this automated procedure never works.

I selected the symbol of the automated procedures in the procedure and then "Scheduled task (WebDev)" Selecting "Every month, every day, at 10:50" But this procedure is never executed after deploying and installing this project on my server.

Does anyone have some experience with automated procedures? Any advice?


Hi Antonio

Alas, not much of this works in WB18. Here are a clip from the help on automatic procedures:

Limitation for WebDev

The timers are not available in WebDev. The automated processes for repetition and for delayed execution are not available.
Note: However, the use of a repeated automatic procedure can be configured because a set of procedures (or a class, ...) can be shared between several products.

Best regards
Viggo Poulsen

von Viggo Poulsen - am 13.01.2014 19:21
Thank you very much Viggo.

But I am talking about "Scheduled tasks", I don't want to use timers in this project.


This scheduled tasks are supposed to be implemented on the server directly, and someone in the official french forum said that he managed to make it work (unless there was another programmer who couldn't make it work).

This feature doesn't work on WB18?? (or even WB19). Someone has any experience with them?

Best Regards,

Antonio GS

von Antonio GS - am 14.01.2014 10:59
Hi Antonio

I see your point. According to the doc, it should work in WB18 ( just remember WebDev application server version 180046 or later).

It seems to me (pls. correct me if I am wrong) like it is the application server that calls the procedure every time it is expected to run. So how much interaction there may be between this global procedure and the rest of your program is a little unclear.

Best regards
Viggo Poulsen

von Viggo Poulsen - am 14.01.2014 11:25
Hi Viggo,

Yes, it's exactly what you understood. I want the application server to execute automatically one (or some) procedures, with some simple tasks (like updating some field of a database or sending an email with a report periodically).

If this works I would avoid to use the Task Manager of Windows (or any other) to make this tasks, and I could add this procedure to my project in WebDev. So the program and the periodic tasks would be together.

As it's written in the documentation this seems possible with WB18...

Thank you for your attention, best regards,


von Antonio GS - am 14.01.2014 13:04
Hi Antonio,

I do this frequently and have been doing it for a number of years, although I take a different approach.

You can create an AWP page that performs whatever tasks you want to fire and you then create a Task Scheduler event in the windows OS that calls this AWP page on whatever schedule you want. This insures that your event will get fired on a specific schedule.

You can also create a full dynamic page and make that page directly accessible on the page description and then call it in your task scheduler event.

Hope that helps.


von KenKnight - am 14.01.2014 16:00

I've just installed my first webdev system (WB20) and have developed an AWP page as suggested here to trigger scheduled tasks, but it's not working.

When I try and manually open the AWP page in a browser I get the 404 error come up, but the directory etc is definitely there.

To open the full app the url is of the form https://portal.solutionj.co.uk/xxx

This works ok and brings up the site login page.

So I assumed that to open the AWP page directly I would use the following url:

but I'm getting the 404 error

I've also tried https://portal.solutionj.co.uk/xxx/xxx_web/myppage.awp
and https://portal.solutionj.co.uk/xxx/xxx_web/uk/myppage.awp

but get the same error.

So how do I directly address an awp page? I should say the project as a whole is Dynamic, this is the only awp page in it.


von SolutionJ-Reg - am 11.07.2017 11:13
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