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passing control to a new window

Startbeitrag von Wilfried am 16.01.2014 11:38


i want to develop an application for use with a touchscreen in WinDev (still using WD17 btw).
Since I couldn't find a special keyboard control (like when you enter an edit control on a tablet there appears a virtual keyboard) i designed a Window with all the keys of a keyboard.

Now when a user enter an editfield i call the WIN_Keyboard with OpenChild.
My question is how can i give my WIN_Keyboard form a reference to the Edit control so that i can fill in the value of that control with the characters the user touches on the screen?

Which type of parameter i have to use on the keyboard window?
I want to create a local procedure on the keyboardform that fills in the value of the edit control that called the keyboard form.

All suggestions welcome.




Hi Wilfried,

not tested, but I think you can give the window and edit control Name as Parameter to the Keyboard window and then use indirection to fill in the control from the Keyboard window


von Erik Schwarz - am 16.01.2014 11:54
Hi Wilfried

+1 for the above answer, but, in case you are interested, I remember that there IS an example of a virtual keyboard available in windev... I'm not sure if it's directly windev or a lst (that you can buy on pcsoft web site) but if you want to save some time...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 16.01.2014 12:36

I have used this virtual Keyboard, it is an external component "WD Touchscreen" it was with my WD18 installation, so maybe it is included with WD17 also.

This works very good and you can alter the layouts as you please or create a new one (number pad only).

The only thing you need to avoid is comboboxes, they act up weird, they are not "touch" friendly. but if you design your GUI for touch only and with this in mind, it is very powerfull and simple.

I have made some changes to the External component so that the field you have touched hi-lites and when you switch between fields keyboards switch also (from alfa to numeric, etc..)

The way the external component and keyboard is designed and programmed is really briliant and very flexible. Lot's of indirection stuff also.

I wish PC-Soft would include or release more of these code pieces ! ;-)

Good Luck !

von Danny Lauwers - am 16.01.2014 13:53

Where can I find WD Touchscreen in WD 20


Willy Hermans

von willy hermans - am 15.07.2016 06:15
Hi Willie,

C:\WinDev 20\Components\Sample components\WD Touchscreen

has two sub-folders for Example and Source

Hope this helps

- Mike H.

von Mike H - am 15.07.2016 07:17
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