[WM18] Android Admob

Startbeitrag von Alexander Predl am 19.01.2014 15:29


I know there is a ad control in WM18, it works with a aftertaste, because google admob is in WM18 out of date, because google added this package already into the latest SDK, but WM18 needs the older package of the admob sdk...

But here is my question:

I added the ad control on the first window, on plane 1, but this doesn't work, it works only on plane 0... which makes me doing, visible=false and visible=true every time I swich planes... but it works...

But if I open a second window with openchild, the admob control on the second window stays empty... and I cannot add a fullscreen ad control with another admob key, this is maybe because the admob key is only added once in generation of the project, so is only one ad control each project supported?

Is there a solution to add multiple ad/admob controls with maybe different admob keys? Maybe with java, but how?

Alexander Predl


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