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Reports and Queries behaivoir

Startbeitrag von J. Flietstra am 24.01.2014 10:34

Since a update of Windev 18 i got the following behaivoir with reports and queries.

When the customer opens Reports & Queries all the customs reports are mallfunction.
It seems that the queries behind the report are not initiated or the parameters not set correltly

When they print a invoice they see all the invoice line in the database instead the invoice line from the selected invoice number

The header is empty and the enduser get hundred of pages with invoiceslines

When the enduser only save the custom report everything works fine, but he has to save every custom report to get this mallfunction working again..

The custom reports are located in a central network directory
We have delete the CPL deirectory in that directory
We have deleted the ENV file in that directory
We have update the dependancy in reports and queries

From the programma we call iprintreport("f:\rela6\rpt_factuur.wde",lParaneters)

In the past we did not have any problem with this..


Hi J,

It depends which version you are upgrading FROM? I had to re-write a few of my larger and more complex (multi-join) SQL statements across my whole system (i.e. not just reports) as PCS seemed to have significantly changed the WD query/SQL engine, and others may correct me, but I think it was moving TO V17 when it changed.

von DarrenF - am 26.01.2014 13:39
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