Problem with Greek characters when sending email under WD17

Startbeitrag von Vassilis Boutsikas am 24.01.2014 11:02

I have problem with email's subject when the subject contains Greek characters.
The body of email is Ok with Greeks.
Where is the problem?
The whole application is run in unicode format under WD17.
Any help is very appreciated.

Thank you in advance



Any help with this problem please ???


von Vassilis Boutsikas - am 28.01.2014 11:25
Hello Vassilis

It may help to actually describe what the problem is ?
Does the problem apply to all Greek characters or just a few specific ones ?

Would changing the font of the subject help ?


von Al - am 30.01.2014 10:33
Hello AI

The problem applies to the subject of email. The body and the attached files are Ok.
All the characters of the subject are displayed like

von Vassilis Boutsikas - am 31.01.2014 05:28
Hi Vassilis

you got an answer on the pcsoft US forum...

It looks like they are still copying what's going on here over there, but they are not copying the answers anymore... I know, doesn't sound very fair... looks like they are trying to drive us away from here... hmmm

Son your should have a look

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 07.02.2014 12:01
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