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Encryption with Windev 17, Decreption windev Mobile 18

Startbeitrag von Sarah Tanti am 31.01.2014 14:10


I'm trying to encrypt a simple string using Windev 17 with 'cryptSecure'. The result is copied in the clipboard and pasted to a WinMobile 18 simulator for decryption using the same 'cryptSecure'. However I cannot get the initial string...

Can this be done? Any help appreciated.



Hi Sarah

not sure if your problem comes from that, but, from the top of my head, strings are by default ANSI in WD17, while they are by default UNICODE in WM18... So make sure that you are using specifically declared UNICODE strings before encoding in WD

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 31.01.2014 14:31
Hi Fabrice,

That's it! Thanks very much.


von Sarah Tanti - am 31.01.2014 14:39
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