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[WB18] How to display Images in a Looper?

Startbeitrag von DanM am 02.02.2014 18:48

I am trying to display a list of Brands (manufacturers) in a looper and display the Logo next to the name of the each brand.

When I display a Brand(manufacturer) Detail page (1 brand) there is only 1 logo.

The code being used to display the logo is ...


// Display the Logo

ImageFileName is string = fWebDir() + "\BrandLogos\" + Brand.BrandID + ".png"
IF fFileExist(ImageFileName) THEN
ImageWebPAth = TopDomainURL + "/BrandLogos/" + Brand.BrandID + ".png"
IMG_BrandLogo..Visible = False

AND THEN ... The code in the LOAD (Onload) of Page (Browser CODE)

IMG_BrandLogo= ImageWebPAth

That all works good ...

But, how do you get the Logo images to display in the Looper? Say there are 5 brands in the looper and each one needs to display it's specific logo

I am using the same code to get to the image and verify it exists in the ROW DISPLAY of LOOPER code.

The image webpath is correct but How do I get the image to actually load when the page displays? for multiple images (one for each brand)

There is no Browser code for the LOOPER (only Server Code)

Any ideas or suggestion, please?


Hi Dan

the only difference in processing an image in browser vs server code is it's path, as demonstrated by your own code, where you have ImageFileName for server access and ImageWebPAth for browser access

So in your server code for the looper, just use the server code variable/type of path ImageWebPAth and set it to the value attribute of the image field in your looper... Of course, as you are now displaying MANY images, make sure that they are small in order for your page to load fast

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 02.02.2014 19:01

To display images online or a large number of images in a looper, you can use the same logic to display the images in small chunk as your browser will crash if you try to display all images at the same time. So display 5-10 images on the page with your current logic and ask the user to retrieve next set. You can see this kind of implementation in many image sharing applications. Hope this will help you


von Cheungxin - am 28.02.2014 02:51
I wonder can I build a 3rd party
web-based image viewer to help me display images online or a large number of images in a looper? I need the help of some professional manual toolkits, don't I? Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

von arronwall - am 28.02.2014 03:07
Why not directly try to google a web image viewer?

von Susanoo - am 20.05.2014 05:44
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