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[WD18] Report From and To page setting

Startbeitrag von Bob Sutton am 11.02.2014 21:18

I can't seem to find where to set a From and To page number for printing a report.
This should be as simple as iParameter(), but ??


Hello Bob

Creation tab of the ribbon -> Preset Control


von DW - am 11.02.2014 22:29
Thanks DW.
I need to be more clear, I'm not looking for page of pages to put on the report.

In code, before calling iPrintReport(), I want to establish a from and to range of pages such that only the pages inclusive of that range are printed.

All my reports are going into a different exe than the main app. The exe reads the reports to print from a table in the DB that contains the report setup information (Preview,Color, Collation, From/To pages...). So In need to programatically set the pages to print.

Any Ideas?

von Bob Sutton - am 12.02.2014 14:20
Hi Bob

I do not remember any property for that (but that doesn't mean there isn't one)...

If there is not, one way to do that is to print all the pages on PDF, then extract page after page (image field, page number, dSaveImage), then print only the desired pages (iPrintImage)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 12.02.2014 16:12
Hi Fabrice,

I've looked high and low and I believe that your recollection is correct.
Thanks for the suggestion, but as I intended to make this a standard feature for all reports in the app, I may not offer that option at least for now.

P.S. Good hearing from you!

Bob Sutton

von Bob Sutton - am 12.02.2014 23:15
Hi Bob,
just curious but how do you know what range you want to print in the first place?
I'm not sure I understand how your users work....

von Arie - am 12.02.2014 23:35

Do you mean a MS- Word like feature. Where one can print form page 1 to page 10. and you can select mulptiple copies etc ?

If not then I donnot know what you want.?? Is it some kind of static report?



von Allard - am 13.02.2014 04:38
As with others here I do not fully understand what it is you are trying to achieve - perhaps a more detailed explanation will help you get a solution.

It would appear that you know prior to running the report how many of the pages will be required.

If this is the case then I would think that iSequenceAdd() would be your friend.

von DerekT - am 13.02.2014 10:23
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