WM18 - compiling hangs after Android SDK upgrade

Startbeitrag von Arie am 11.02.2014 23:29

I started using the calendar control in WM18.
WM told me to install the Android support pack, which I did. To do that I had to (or at least I did) also upgrade to the latest Android SDK (R22.3). Afaik this is supported by WM18, but it turned out not to be such a good idea.

Now my project stops at about 77% during generation. Window taskmanager shows me java.exe is not doing anything at that point anymore (0% cpu and no memory usage change what so ever).

I also tried a pc-soft example and, too bad for me, this one generated fine !

I tried removing some windows (starting with the calendar control) but that didn;t help.
I also got a previous one from the SCM, which was fine before. No go anymore.

Someone having any ideas?


Hi Arie

from the top of my head, there are several FAQs on pcsoft web site about which MAX SDK version you can use with each windev mobile version (and YES, there are limits)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 12.02.2014 12:12

Re: WM18 - SOLVED compiling hangs after Android SDK upgrade

Solved finally.
It turns out to be the same problem as in one of my other posts.
I have just too many controls in my project for WM18.
WM19 can handle 3x more control, according to the wonderful new features list.

In the mean time I removed some controls, which causes me to run into other problems.
I had a home-brewed date-picker, since wm17 did not have one.
I replaced it by the WM18 calendar control, which reduced my number of controls with about 50.
Now I could recompile again, but first had to overcome some SDK issues.

The calendar control needs the Android SDK support library. This caused me to upgrade from Android SDK 3.2 to a newer one.
I decided to go for the newest one Android SDK R22.3 together with Android support library 19.0.1
I also upgrade the java compiler to JDK 1.0.7_51.
This runs fine with WM18 now, with one little issue with the signing step. Jdk7 throws a warning when your keys are not timestamped. WM18 see's this as an error and stops generating.
So for the signing proces I use the previous jdk1.6.0_32, which I still got installed. This option can be customized somewhere during the generation-wizard.

von Arie - am 13.02.2014 13:20

Re: WM18 - SOLVED compiling hangs after Android SDK upgrade

I can confirm WM19 is able to handle more objects (windows, functions, etc).
I just did a test with the french WM19 version. My app compiles without errors and is running fine on a Samsung tablet.

von Arie - am 20.02.2014 20:27
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