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Hyperfile cs

Startbeitrag von Allard am 18.02.2014 10:58


I am developping a windev app witch uses hyperfile cs. In my app it is possible to make seperate db connections. The connections are used to create a new db So the user can "Login to seperae administrations ( versions of the app , to manage the administration of several companies ). The groupware is in hyperfile cs as well and is used with all the other connections.

Ok my questions:

1 If I make a new connection I code that the db user is admin. So several users ( groupware users ) can use admin to connect. Is this as it should be or do I have to create seperate db users for all the groupware users ?

2 What are the do and don'ts on this subject?




Hi Allard.
I you mean on connection to HFCS database with user Admin, but login to groupware with other login name/password. I have no problem with it.

Regards !

von ICI - am 18.02.2014 11:13

I think I read someting somewhere that pcsoft recommends using different db users ? Can't find it anymore and I havenot made an application as complex as the one Iam working on ever. Meaning the app will have to manage several users ( concurrent)

Yes what I mean is . I make a connection. The connection is made in code and in the code Admin is the user that connects to Hyperfile cs. In the application serveral users can login with groupware usernames and paswords but they all use the same connection to the hyperfile cs.



von Allard - am 18.02.2014 11:25
Hi Allard

most of the time, using the same HF user for all the users of your application is perfectly OK... You need to create separate HF users mostly when :
- you need to log at the HF level who is doing what (security)
- you cant to also open your DB to over the web access (and you want a separate user for that, with less rights)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 18.02.2014 11:34
Hi Fabrice

Thanks. That is what I wanted to know.



von Allard - am 18.02.2014 11:59
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