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Writing code in reports

Startbeitrag von Nirav am 10.01.2009 07:21

Hi Guys,

I am writing code in report as I dont want to use UI.

I have written some code in Opening of reportname

HExecuteSQLQuery(Look,"SELECT id ,name FROM master WHERE code =9 ORDER by id")

I want to assign this id,name to the columns in the report.

Lets say I have 2 columns, like id and name. I want to assign the values that come from the above query to the report and print it.

Thanks for the time.


Hi Nirav,

I would execute my query with code such as -

iInitReportQuery(MyReport,gJobCode,MyParameter1,MyParameter2 etc)

Then, in the body of the report I would assign the results of the Query, whether it is an SQL or another query doesn't matter, and then I would make these result fields hidden if I wanted to do further calculations.

Then I would create "Calculated" fields in the report to display whatever information I required.

To populate these calculated fields it is sometimes better to put the calculation code in the main report area under the "Data Read" area which will run when the report is first opened. For example -




von Milton - am 10.01.2009 09:43
Just look in the help for "Report, Program a report entirely"

von Paulo Oliveira - am 12.01.2009 12:07
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