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Download CSV from URL, import into application

Startbeitrag von FMUser2 am 25.02.2014 03:23

We are trying to download a CSV from a URL then get the file into the application. The URL looks like this:


Upon entering the URL into a browser, the CSV will download into the default directory, which takes several seconds.

What I would like to do is either grab the CSV directly, or at least capture the name and directory of it (which won't be the same every time).

Any way to accomplish this? Thanks.


What are you using?

Is it WD or WB or WM?

von Yogi Yang - am 25.02.2014 12:28

the right way to do that is to use httprequest with your url... You will get your file into httpGetResult and will be able to do whatever you want wit it

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.02.2014 12:40
I'm using WD 18, sorry for not posting that.

httpRequest and httpGetResult worked, Thanks Fabrice!

The only complication was a redirect. I solved this by first getting the header from httpGetResult(httpHeader), pulling "location: " from the string, building a new URL, then doing another httpRequest httpGetResult on the the new URL for the redirect.

von FMUser2 - am 27.02.2014 03:51
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