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Windev17, multiselect table, keyboard and mouse navigation

Startbeitrag von Alexander Ageev am 02.03.2014 17:36

Multiselect table filled by query

User move selection to top, then select first 3 records by Shift-KeyArrowDown
Then scroll table to record 99, and select it by mouse-click
The he push Shift-KeyaArrowDown. Normally (windows standard) the record 100 must be selected, 5 records must be selected summary. But in reality 100 records are seleced, because Windev ignores change selection by mouse click, and means previous position is 3, Shift-nextpostion is 100, so 4-100 records are selected.

The same problem is in navigation. If user posit selection to 3rd record by ArrowDown, then select 6th record by mouse, then push ArrowUp - selection moved to record 2, but not for record 5 as desired.

How can I return behavior to windows standard? Or by what code can I arount it?


Hi Alexander

there is no way of changing easily this behavior...

The only thing yo can do, if that is important enough for you to spend quite some time, is to intercept the keys and mouse event with the "event" function... At that point, you can code whatever you want

But is it worth it? I'm not sure I ever met an end user who knew the windows standard for complex selections in tables...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 02.03.2014 20:06
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