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[WD12] Help system problem

Startbeitrag von Erik Schwarz am 10.01.2009 21:12

Hi ,

I got a similar problem in different help files as follows:

In the help editor there is the following text (which words are used is unimportant):

Text elefant mouse greenhorn

new line

The compiled help then shows:

Text elefant mouse green

the part 'horn' and the empty line have disappeared. You can mark the complete word 'greenhorn', delete it and write again, no change.
If you delete the line the problem moves to the part in front of that text.

Does anyone have had this problem, too. Or does someone know a solution?



Hi Erik,

I don't know if this is related to your problem, but the Windev help system often has problems when copying and pasting. When pasting suddenly parts of the text are marked as links. The solution is then to select all of the topic's text and delete all links. Then you have to create all the links again. Perhaps this works in your case too.

HTH, regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 11.01.2009 11:27
Hi Piet,

thanks this helped, at least it shows the direction. After deleting the links, all was ok. But after recreating them, the same as before.

Does anybody know a possibility to check the compiled chm-file? The standard editor does not show much useful things.


von Erik Schwarz - am 11.01.2009 16:17

Re: [WD12] Help system problem - more tests


- deleted all links
- copied the text to windows editor (and removed all weird characters)
- deleted the help page
- created a new help page
- copied the text back from the editor (nothing else than letters and CR in it)
- Problem still shows inside the text (missing some characters) !!!

Hmmm ???


von Erik Schwarz - am 11.01.2009 21:15

Re: [WD12] Help system problem - more tests

Hi Erik,

Just send your Help project to PCsoft Techsupport. I once did, and they repaired it for me.


von Piet van Zanten - am 12.01.2009 09:56

Re: [WD12] Help system problem - more tests


I'm afraid the help editor is one of the REAL weak point in windev/webdev... And that unfortunately is true since the first version I can recall of...

I tried again the version 10 one, and there were so many bugs that I switched back (again), to my trusted helpscribble...

As the help editor seems to use the same control than the html control in webdev, and this one is still VERY buggy, I continued to do the same in 11 and 12... I haven't found the time to test version 14 yet :-(

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 12.01.2009 11:19

Re: [WD12] Help system problem - more tests

Thanks for your efforts.

Connecting PCSoft will be the next step.


von Erik Schwarz - am 12.01.2009 14:58
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