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[WD18] Control Description window lost!

Startbeitrag von Ola (not signed-in) am 04.03.2014 21:22

Hi all

My WD18 (ver. 63c in Win 8.0, Acer laptop V3-771G) has suddenly lost its control description window: I cannot edit the properties of any control! When I try to open the Description window of any control, there is just a quick flash in the Find-Replace window's frame, and no property window is show.

I have deleted the project's cpl directory and run the project repair process, but nothing seems to help.

Has anybody else experienced this? Any suggestions?

Best regards

P.S. Could this be a hardware problem? My half a year old Acer laptop recently lost its built-in display, and I am currently using it with an external display only. I understand this defect is not very rare in Acer laptops.


Hi Ola

I'm guessing that the window in question is displayed on the OTHER screen (the one that is not there anymore)...

As windev keeps this kind of information in the registry (size and position of windows), I would suggest that you search the registry for any and all PCSOFT keys and delete them...

The next windev start will recreate them with default, and that should do it

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 05.03.2014 01:35
Voilà! That's it! Thanks Fabrice!

I was thinking in the same lines, and was searching for the multi-window setting in the Tools-Options-Environment settings, but this setting seems to have been deleted in version 18. It would have been very convenient to just turn the multi-window environment setting off...

Anyways, deleting the PCSOFT keys from the registry deleted all the environment settings, and now also the Description window is shown in the visible area.

best regards

von Ola (not signed-in) - am 05.03.2014 19:00
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