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Control Template Behaviour

Startbeitrag von Prolay Sarkar am 27.01.2009 20:04


I want to define a control template which can be used across pages and the control should be configurable so that the behavior of the control changes.

Like I have three edit controls A B & C as a control template. and

A - First Name
B - Middle Name
C - Last Name

now how to configure the control so that It starts accepting in this format and its linking to the database also changes.

A - Last Name
B - Middle Name
C - First Name

Hope i explained it right. How can i do that??




1rst solution: NOT use the link from file to field, and instead set and save values by code... Change the label of the fields as needed by code also

2nd solution: in the page init code, change the X position of the fields depending of your needs

best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 27.01.2009 22:40
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