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How to transfer my existing license to someone

Startbeitrag von kingDR am 22.04.2014 02:11

Hi All

Kindly advise the best way to make a good transfer of my old wb15 lic/dongle to someone else as I have a couple indeed.

Thanks in advance




Hi kingDR,

1 - If the buyer thinks of upgrading that dongle at any time in the near future then make sure that the dongle to be sold originally has not been bought as part of a bundle! You can make sure by asking PC Soft by e-mail whether the dongle can be sold freely.

2 - If the dongle was bought as single product then just send a note (plus a copy of the invoice if there's any) to PC Soft and inform them about the dongle's serial# and the name/address of the new owner of the dongle. PC Soft will not upgrade dongles of owners unknown to them!!

3 - If a dongle originally had been part of a bundle (WinDev + WebDev, WD+WB+WM, 5xWD etc) then you have to sell the whole bundle to the new owner in order to enable him/her to upgrade without problems later. Again, send info about name/address and the serial numbers to PC Soft. If you sell parts of a bundle then please, tell the buyer that no future upgrade will be possible.

von GuenterP - am 22.04.2014 05:26
Hi Guenter

Thanks for your excellent info, it's a bundle but she only needs WB15 (that was a free upgrade from WB14).

Thanks again


von Kingdr - am 22.04.2014 12:52
Hello Guenter,

Just a thought,
The person is trying to sell WB15.
If you try to update from 15 to 19 you will buy a new license anyway.


von DW - am 22.04.2014 14:04
Should still get a decent discount - upgrade from 15 to 19 is listed as 890 euros.

The problem, having read Guenter is that the license being sold is from a bundle.
Suspect it would be cheaper to buy v19 with competitive discount.

von DerekT - am 22.04.2014 17:43
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