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Using Windev 18 in Windows 8.1 with 2880x1400 resolution

Startbeitrag von Gus am 11.05.2014 19:07

Hello all:
I run Windev 18 in windows 8.1 with High resolution 2880x1400 and the Windev IDE is almost unusable..... The Properties windows appear too small so text is very difficult to read, same with menu which appears too small.... unless working with external monitor (over 25") it's almost impossible to use the IDE.

Does someone know if there is a setting/solution for this? Is it solved in Windev v.19?



How is it solved in other programs? I haven't seen a screen of that res but i think everything is too small. Or am i guessing wrong?

von Pim Janssen - am 11.05.2014 19:49
I have problems even with smaller resolutions and a 27" monitor! My solution was to set the display to use a lower resolution setting.

Best regards

von Ola - am 11.05.2014 21:22
Hello to you all,

I work with 2 27' 2560x1440 monitors. The IDE is not a problem (with my glasses on :xcool:)
What really is a pain.. is the very width editor.
Every time I open the editor I get a very very large editor field with a size over 2000 pixels width.

Regards Frans

von Frans - am 13.05.2014 10:14
Hi Gus,

have you try use the option "Make text and other items larger or smaller." on win8
if that not working you can turn ON "make everything on your screen Big".

von ccc2 - am 14.05.2014 12:25
In WinDev18, suggest you turn on the old style tool bar and then go to Tools - Options - Options of the Code Editor. Select Coloring and change the font type and size used. Using Element All seems to globally update the lengthy list of elements. There is probably a lot of other good stuff available in the extensive set of settings. With the right settings, I suspect that super high res display will really pop. Hopefully you will share your results.

Stewart Crisler

von Stewart Crisler - am 16.05.2014 04:29
Hi Stewart,

The code editor is not a problem in this respect, as the code's font size can be increased and decreased simply with control + mouse roll. The problem is, like Gus put it, in the properties window and menus, which apparently cannot be adjusted within WD itself. Or can they?

best regards

von Ola - am 16.05.2014 11:02
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