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Sending Printer files to the Printer using WD Mobile

Startbeitrag von Mitchell am 10.02.2009 11:50

Dear coders,
how to send a printer files to the printer? I have a list of files called "items.prn", "customers.prn" , etc...., and I want to send this file directly to the printer? how to do this in Windev Mobile ?

Help please.



Hi Mitchell...

I haven't tried in mobile, but in windev you would do that by directly sending the file to the printer port (via the sxxx functions for serial/parallel port management) OR by copying the file (fcopyfile) if the printer is working in network mode (as if the printer was a hard drive)

I would start by trying those in mobile too, depending of where and how the printer is connected

best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 10.02.2009 13:17
Hi Fabrice,
thanks for the info, additionally the Printer that I am talking about is a BLUETOOTH PRINTER, does QBEX functions will do ?

I want to send a file (printer file - "test.prn" ) using a handheld with bluetooth, and i want to send it to the bluetooth printer?

any situation same like this?

share please.


von Mitchell - am 10.02.2009 14:08
Hi again...

sorry, as I told you, I never tried that in a wmobile case, so I have no answer for the bluetooth part... it will need some testing :-(

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 10.02.2009 15:01
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