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WM19 to android over WIFI

Startbeitrag von ccc2 am 02.06.2014 10:45

Here How you do to connect WM19 to android device over WIFI.
do not run WM before finish all the step .

1. you need a wifi router to connect between your notebook and android device . or you can setup virtual router on your notebook . just make sure you can ping each other.

2. on android device. Setting-> developer options -> enable ADB over network .
once enable you should see the

3. on window -> command prompt .
C:\Android\sdk\platform-tools>adb connect
connected to

4. now start WM19 . and compile , when ask copy to device , you should see your android device listed in it .

:rp: No More USB cable :rp:


This method drain notebook battery very fast and copy application part is very slow compare to using usb cable .

von ccc2 - am 03.06.2014 11:07
Hey ccc2

I use ESFileExplorer and make a lan-connection with my pc.
so i don't have to use a cable and i can instal my app on the table through my pc


von Jan de Bruin - am 03.06.2014 12:07
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