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First Project Qualification (run time controls and some tohers..)

Startbeitrag von Stavros495 am 07.06.2014 21:25

Hi All,

I'm not yet an owner of a WD license but may well be soon. I have a specific project in mind initially and thought it prudent to ask some qualifying questions on this forum:

1. I have a need to (run time) to be able to create controls, perhaps based off of a template of some kind (e.g. XML or some other scheme). This readilly easy to do in W language ? Some sort of WYSIWYG designer would be good (user can create forms for use on mobile devices if you see what I mean).
2. The above would be needed in WD and WDmobile.
3. Have a need toi integrate with Salesforce. I know there are functions available for this but has anyone had any first hand experience of this ?
4. Would need some synchronisation scheme between my mobile device and the desktop software. Understand WD19 has synchronisation ability but I don't know too much about it atm.

I do know of course that a web page scheme through a browser would accommodate some of the above but without phone gap, I wouldn't have access to the mobile device GPS (realise I can get at mobile camera through HTML5 without phone gap).

Happy for any and all suggestions on how such requirements would or could be met with WX product line. Like I said, I'm pretty much sold on the product but would appreciate some pointers on how experienced users would go about this project >

Thanks in advance. Stavros.


Hi Stavros

1. Yes there is in WD and WM (controlClone or ControlCreate)

4. There is a replication system available. However, all the information I have at this point on it seems to indicate that it is great as long as it is working... But as soon as there is problem with it, you are left to hang in the dark on your own, as there doesn't seem to be any means of debugging the problem. I advise all my customers to code their own replication system, as it is, AFAIK, the only way to keep your customers data secure

best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.06.2014 12:16
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