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[WD18] Windev lost its marbles again...

Startbeitrag von Ola am 09.06.2014 10:41

Hi All,

My Windev 18 lost its marbles again, destroying some reports so that they had to be restored from backups, and totally losing the project explorer or navigator or what do they call it. It's difficult to work with WD without the explorer...

This is not the first time WD does this, so I know that I can get the explorer back by deleting all all environment settings and the PC-soft-related keys from the Windows registry.

But I would not like to do that, because these settings are valuable, representing the value invested in them in working hours. For instance, assigning the "Accept" hot keys to dialogs must be done separately for each dialog again.

Any hints on how to get back the explorer without the most drastic move?

Best regards
P.S. Windev is SOOOOO 10 times faster....:eek:


Hello Ola

Does the windows system restore function restore registry keys ? If so you could go back a few days and restore.

I know this is closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, but when you get it setup as you like it, backup the PCSoft section of the registry.


von Al - am 09.06.2014 11:30
Well it depends on how it has been removed in the first place...
If you goto Home -> Panes, Project explorer is still active their? (turn on / off)
If so, did you update the graphics drivers or changed anything on you monitor setup?

If it is active and you are 100% sure nothing has been changed,
than yes you are properly screwed and reg remove is your best option (as far as I know).
Now I understand that sucks, but there is a easy way to prevent this in the future.

Again, under panes you can back-up / save multiple environment settings.
For me this option always worked to restore my environment no matter what windev did.
Al also had a good one with just making a backup of your reg.
Hope this helps and good luck.


von David van Pelt - am 10.06.2014 09:25
Hi Al & David,

It usually takes a dozen similar disasters before I learn to protect myself from them:-)

I did not check the new menu for Home -> Panes -> Project Explorer, but I checked the old menu for Tools -> Options -> Options for the environment, and there the exloder was still selected. Turning it off and on did not help.

I did not change anything in the machine. The disaster came during a windev session; I had just done a rather large global search and replace operation, and then while editing code, I pressed Control I+N+2 in error, when I really intended to press Shift I+N+2 to apply a piece of code rom a code brick. At that moment Windev first froze for a moment an then started to do its internal terrorist act; messed some reports, deleted several French language captions (obviously it did not like my translations...) from some windows and reports and created nearly 200 warnings.

I've already learned to do frequent back-ups of the development directory, but I still need to learn to save the environment, too.

Thanks for the hints.

Best regards

von Ola - am 10.06.2014 20:46
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