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Looper contain: Internal Window/Control Template

Startbeitrag von BLS am 16.02.2009 14:06

Hi and sorry for my ignorance.
(Have not used the Lopper control before)

A Looper control which contains a internal Window seems to be impossible.
Am I wrong ?

Looper control which contains a control template
Is this possible ?

I am a bit confused about the diffrence of a internal window and control template.

The programming-interface seems to be pretty much the same.
So what's the difference.
Further : Can I use a control template to wrap a native Windows control. ( If I recall correctly Peter Hole... has tried to implement a control template in order to use the Win. calendercontrol, not sure, though)

Since we have the control template the super control seems to be a relict and should be called depreciated.
What do you think ?

Reason for all this silly questions is that I want to embedd my Scintilla syntax coloring thingie inside a looper control.

Many TIA, Bjoern


Hi Björn,

In WD14 you can put a model or internal window in a looper. But it will not behave as desired. For example I tried with both the Internal Window you made and the Model Field I made and the behaviour is x time the exact same window. (Since the pointers and events are all the same at the end. It's like a copy-paste of the same control.)

There are also display problems where the editor screen disappear.

But I'm not a professional of looper + internal windows / model fields... and can't give more on your question than my 1 minute test.

Best regards.

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 16.02.2009 16:36
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