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Pricing for US Customers

Startbeitrag von tfischbeck am 04.03.2009 18:43

To all...

We have listed the new upgrade pricing on our "Price List & Order Page" at http://windev-us.net . As you may already be aware, PCSoft is offering special upgrade pricing for orders placed before 31 March 2009. Beginning 1 April 2009, the upgrade price will revert to the standard price.

Your v14 products will be shipped as soon as they become available. PCSoft is estimating that they will release English v14 sometime in May.

If you need a product that is not listed on our Price List, please let me know.

Note... You might be eligible for a free upgrade. Any WinDev 12, WebDev 12 or WinDev Mobile 12 product purchased after 10/14/2008 entitles you to a free upgrade to version 14 as soon as available (Except S&H). Make sure you have registered your products so PCSoft will know how to contact you.

Best Regards,

Tim Fischbeck
WinDev-US Sales


Hello all...

31 March is right around the corner. You have just a couple more days to get the special pricing on version 14 upgrades. You could save hundreds of dollars by placing your order before the deadline; so, don't miss out.

Note... If you need a PCSoft product that is not in our pricelist, please let me know.

Kindest Regards,

Tim Fischbeck

von tfischbeck - am 27.03.2009 20:58
Hello all...

I just heard from PCSoft that the special upgrade pricing offer for English licenses has been extended until 10 April! :cool:

So, if you have not yet had an opportunity to place your upgrade order, please do before 10 April.

Kindest Regards...

Tim Fischbeck
WinDev-US Sales

von tfischbeck - am 31.03.2009 17:22
Good News!!!

PCSoft has extended the special upgrade offer until 31 May! If you were not able to upgrade your products befor the previous deadline, please do so before the new deadline.


Tim Fischbeck
WinDev-us sales

von tfischbeck - am 24.04.2009 19:55
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