Dynamic Compilation with Object declaration does not work

Startbeitrag von Prolay Sarkar am 04.03.2009 21:43


I am facing a strange problem when i am dynamically compiling a few set of lines. The dynamic compilation works fine when there is no object variable declaration and in a normal project it works fine but when i deploy as a webservice the object declaration gives an error. I am including the classes in my WebService project
PROCEDURE New_Procedure()
source is string=[
ds is Class1
ds:str ="hello"
ds:str1 ="World"
b is buffer
result b
wlog is int=fOpen("c:\log_wbserv\log.txt",foCreateIfNotExist)
sResult is string
sCompileResult is string
sCompileResult = Compile("Dynamic_Proc", source)

SWITCH sCompileResult
CASE "": sResult = ExecuteProcess("Dynamic_Proc", trtProcedure)
CASE "ERR": sResult = "Unable to compile. "+CR+ErrorInfo()
CASE sResult = sCompileResult
RESULT sResult
Class1 is included in my project and the log file output is as follows

ds is Class1
ds:str ="hello"
ds:str1 ="World"
b is buffer
result b

Class1 type unknown.
I am not able to understand why the Class is not getting recognized. i have tried with other objects but the same issue appears. Can anyone say what I am doing wrong and
how this issue can be resolved.

Help Needed!!



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