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OLEDB vs native HyperfileSQL access // porting Clarion app. Urgent

Startbeitrag von BLS am 11.03.2009 12:47

First of all. Sorry for nagging you with such a trivial question.
I have to setup a pro and con list for a Clarion to WINDEV porting project and would like to hear about your opinion, experiences, and, of course I've a few questions...

( I've already wriiten down some facts but I think it is always a win to hear other opinions)

Some facts :
The Clarion application uses Firebird via OLEDB. The WINDEV port uses (atm) also OLEDB to connect the Firebird database.

- Now that the Analysys is already using OLEDB, is it possible to simply change the connection / Analysis connection from OLEDB to HyperfileSQL ?

- Firebird is usung Generators+Triggers to implement AutoID.. does this matter..

- What if I decide to change the new AutoID from int 4 to int 8 ?
'Cause I want replication.

- What about maintenance in case that I change a database table (oledb) vs HyperfileSQL. Report Engine ..Replication ...

What about TTS in conjunction with OLEDB. (I think it's problematic)

How much effort it is to import the "old" OLEDB data into HyperfileSQL.

Whatever comes in your mind... please let me know and share your experience. PRO or CONTRA OLEDB. Both opinions are welcome!

Many!!! thanks in advance,


Just an intermediate document: Not much ,though.
Many thanks for spending your time..

von BLS - am 11.03.2009 12:57
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