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Word automation error

Startbeitrag von Frans am 06.04.2009 20:20

Hello to you all,

I have a mailmerge procedure for Word.
On most computers all is OK.
On some computers I get an error after 3, 4 or some more letters.
I work in WD11

'Open' Automation method called.
Erreur 800706B5
Technical Information
Project : Prj3
Dump error of module .
- WL Call:
Processing , line , thread
- Level: fatal error (EL_FATAL)
- Error Code: 2205
- WD55 Error Code: 0
- No system error code
- No system error message
- What happened?
'Open' Automation method called.
Erreur 800706B5
- No debug information

Somebody any idea?
Regards and thanks in advance.



Hello Frans

I had a similar problem doing a find and replace using Office automation, I found that I had to put a delay between the calls to the automation process. I assumed that sometimes Word had not finished all of its processess before I called it again.

Info("Waiting for MS Word to close")


von Al - am 06.04.2009 20:43
Hello All,

Thank you for your tip.
I will try this out and let you know.

Regards Frans

von Frans - am 07.04.2009 19:11
Hello Al,

Yesterday my customer returned fro, holiday and today I tested your solution.
Indeed a little pause did the job!

Many thanks,


von Frans - am 18.04.2009 19:50
Frans R. ? Netherlands/Holland ? Tried to contact you via skype...Björn France made some interesting SCM thingies ...

von BLS - am 18.04.2009 19:56
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