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[WD19] GUI Error message not understood

Startbeitrag von Al am 11.07.2014 13:05

Hello All

I need some help in understanding the meaning of a couple of the GUI error messages please.

Error:The window is resizable but no anchoring was defined
IMS_CRFic, , line 1, column 1
What anchoring do I need to define. All the controls in the window are left anchored and there is probably no need for the window to be set at resizable so is that what the error message means ?

Error:The 'IMS_Template.TOC_Table' table control is anchored in width but it defines not anchored column
IMS_Template.TOC_Table, , line 1, column 1
Does the message indicate I have to have at least one anchored column ? If so why ?



Hi Al

1. your window is resizable... When the user resizes it, no control will move or resize = ugly result... So either remove the possibility to resiqe the window, or make some fields becom bigger when the window is resized

2. Your table will get larger when you increase the window size. BUT you didn't define ANY of the columns as resizing when that happens =) the result will be an ugly table with a lot of empty space. So either make the table NOT resizable or make ONE column resizable with the table

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 11.07.2014 13:17
Hello Fabrice

Thanks for the explanation, it makes sense now. I was confused by the references to "anchoring" in the GUI message, which is quite misleading.


von Al - am 11.07.2014 15:14

I face this problem , Here is the answer

Select the control right click and choose a "Description".
In GUI select "Anchor" property by default its none, we need to set "Width and Height" of all the controls in a window.

Because we if the window is resize the controls should be also enlarge to the window. or Other wise u can remove the option for window resizing.


von vani - am 12.02.2015 06:20

You are missing one step.

Select a control, right mouse click, select 'Anchor' from the menu.

A window will open with the options.

von DerekT - am 12.02.2015 09:01
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