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Windev 12 performance

Startbeitrag von Piet van Zanten am 16.04.2009 08:45

Hi All,

We've had topics about Windev 12 perfomance before, but this experience is weird.
We have an application based on hyperfile classic in a Novell environment. No client server. XP workstations. Migrated the apllication from Windev 9 to Windev 12.
We have both the v9 and the v12 program running using the same data.
Now on the same workstation WD9 outperforms WD12 by far.
Loading of relatively small tables of 5000 records in memory is instantly on WD9, on WD12 it takes 10 seconds. This means that WD12 is at least 10 times slower that WD9.
The executable is 3 times the size of WD9 and the libraries 2 times.
My guess is that this is a memory issue, but nevertheless this is in straight contradiction with promo of Windev 12 about JIT and 1,5 times gain in speed (compared to v11!).
We are NOT amused.



I don't know if this is your problem, but I've had a similar experience. I converted an older version of application to a new version simply by opening it in a newer version of WEBDEV. The response was horrendous.

I imported all files into a new shell of the app, recompiled and all was fine.

Glenn Rathke

von Glenn Rathke - am 23.04.2009 02:26

I have only played around with this - not in a live environment so I did have to do any detailed work.

I did however notice that performance did seem, in some areas, to be less than before.
I belive that just importing into 12 bring a lot of 'bad habits' and you will you have to do further work to address these.

By example, according to the Help, to feel the effect of JIT all parameters must be declared, therefore
PROCEDURE MyProcedure(Param1,Param2)
needs to be rewritten as
PROCEDURE MyProcedure(Param1 is int = 0,Param2 is String = "") etc etc

Of course you may well have already done this



von DerekT - am 23.04.2009 22:02

I don't think the code is giving the trouble here. We're talking about milliseconds here.
I'll see if it is possible to use the profiler in an executable.
Has anyone tried this?
If so I'll check what's taking so much time.


von Piet van Zanten - am 23.04.2009 22:32
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