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SCM and DynDNS , timeout trouble Ping ICI

Startbeitrag von BLS am 21.04.2009 15:20

Hello , and hi ICI,

I followed your instructions to setup SCM via DynDNS.
Create DynDNS address
My-Company.dyndns.org // address

Now I (respective my partner) is trying to access the SCM (living on my Server)
He get a timeout error.
We get the same negative result if we send a ping
On both : ping IP address 80.xxx. .... and also for a ping My-Company.dyndns.org.

I have changed the DynDNS setup to
allow reate wildcard alias for "*.host.domain.tld"

according to the documents this means :
# Wildcard
Allows any fourth-level (and deeper) hostnames to be resolved. If wildcard is disabled, names like www.yourname.example.org will not work.

Seems not to help.

Location of database ( Windev12 menu SCM/Open a project from SCM) is :

Ideas ?
Do I have to enable Manta manager within the Firewall ?
Could the Modem - Router be a source for this trouble ?

Any hints,tips,tricks are welcome !!!

Many thanks in advance, Björn


Make sure the firewall/router is allowing traffic through on the correct ports and that it is being forwarded to the machine HFCS is on.


von David Martin - am 21.04.2009 16:00
Thanks David,
will give it a try and keep you informed about the result.

remaining questions Just Port 4900 , or do I have to care about another port ?


von BLS - am 21.04.2009 16:29
We made it, but I have to set the router to minimalistic protection. I case that I made port specific adjustments Skype disconnects in a non reproduceable way....



von BLS - am 21.04.2009 19:23
Regards !

You need to, if it is possible, add port 4900 or 4901,... to be trusted into your router.
I don't have a router but I MUST to enable McAfee to accept connection from port 4900
and also to TRUST Manta
If you can connect trough HF Control center into your machine and start server you are set-up all correct. Next,

ping need to: ping www.Myserver.dyndns.org
You don't need to ping port and other things 'cause your DNS is your dynamic IP from your PC. If I ping you DNS server I ping your PC with DNS updater started on it.
Do you download and start DynDNS updater.????

von ICI - am 21.04.2009 20:47
Yes DynDNS updater is running.
And with minimalistic firewall settings everything is running perfect!
I have to say that I am pleasant surprised about the SCM resonse times, keeping in mind that we are using re-direction. (Much better than expected.)


As said in the previous message; it is Skype which deconnects without giving a sign. It is a bit difficult to figure out where the problem really is. I have a couple of communication stuff running. But I think at least the VNC stuff should not cause the problems) .
Shutting down everything else but HFSQL on Port 4900 and Skype does not help.. so most probabely it is Skype which is a bit stinky.

Beside I have not opened the Manta port ...... 4901 right ?

However, I'll keep you informed. ( if you like. )

von BLS - am 21.04.2009 21:39
Yes !
I am glad to see you success with this and also 'cause you are pleasant with speed.
This mean, your try outs have happy end. :)

About port 4901. This is just optional. You can choose which port you prefer. It is your decision.

Best wishes !

von ICI - am 21.04.2009 22:12
Yeah, I am glad too! Hope I am able to help you in case.

von BLS - am 21.04.2009 23:42
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