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double click on a table row and perform a function?

Startbeitrag von Joel am 21.04.2009 19:07

Is there a way to put code in so that when you double click on a table's row, you can go to a particular record - or some other function?

Thanks -



Hello Joel

The gui section of the table editor allows you to set the double click action for the table. This may be a function but can also be a button called with executeprocess().


von Al - am 21.04.2009 20:06
Hello Joel,

You can link a button to the double-click in the GUI-tab of the table.


von Louis Verbraak - am 22.04.2009 06:18
Hi Joel

The table has a mouse event left button double click. In this event just write your code. I have a table tied to a query. He is my code. qryLastRace,HrsName is the value that the row that was double click on holds. You don't really have to worry about getting the value from the row clicked on. WD does this for you. Here is some sample code.

vcRaceIDHrsName is a string

vcRaceIDHrsName = HBuildKeyValue(Entries,RaceIDHrsName,Races.RaceID,qryLastRace.HrsName)

von John Marrone - am 23.04.2009 10:02

Just further to this... and I don't think it's been mentioned yet - If I remember correctly, the double-click event heading doesn't appear by default in the code editor pane; you need to click the appropriate icon near the bottom/left of the code editor pane to add the double-click event to your code.

Hope this makes sense...

von DarrenF - am 23.04.2009 10:19
You are correct and the icons will only appear when a code window is the active window. Thanks for helping, I probably had Joel scratching his head.

von John Marrone - am 23.04.2009 14:14
Thanks everyone - y'all have been a great help!


von Joel - am 23.04.2009 14:32
tnx :hot::rp::p

von BBB_tnx - am 09.08.2017 14:25
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