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ADB process stops working [WM19]

Startbeitrag von Roddy@CCGApps am 14.07.2014 02:39


Having been transferring a WM19 application to an android device; it has stopped working on the "Install to device"; though WinDev has not been updated and neither has the OS on the device.

Trying on a new device, I get a security notice with "Unauthorised access to a secured area..." and the application transferred across once (after the error) but has not transferred since.

The generation all works except it hangs on the installation and transfer to the device until, eventually, a message comes up with "Adb process has stopped working."

Is there anything that I can look at relating to security options or more detail on why this error has started appearing?


The issue was the size of the apk executable (was caused by the apk file being selected as a file to transfer to the device, which caused a cumulative effect on the file size).

von Roddy@CCGApps - am 14.07.2014 06:53
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