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Anyone using Windev/Webdev in a VAX/VMS Environment?

Startbeitrag von Glenn Knott.pcs.crosspost am 23.04.2009 16:24

Is anyone using Windev or Webdev in a Vax/Vms environment? I'm just curious right now. I was visiting yesterday with someone I used to work with at another company and told her that I was starting to use Windev and Webdev to rewrite applications where the data is stored on an IBM AS400. They still operate in a VAX/VMS environment and everything there has been developed over the years in VAX Basic using native RMS indexed data files. I know there are ODBC drivers available for use in accessing RMS files on a VMS system - and so was curious if anyone had used Windev or Webdev in that environment. Thanks.

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Hi Glenn, by use of ODBC you can connect WinDev to any database, presumably to Vax/RMS files too. However, I'd strongly recommend to rewrite the old applications using WinDev first, then transfer data using the ODBC connection and after that put the old Digital Equipment VAX computer & peripherals to an honorable place in the next computer museum. I'm wondering whether one can get spare parts for that old dino .. any medium sized Windows server should do the job nowadays, maybe a Terminal Server or Citrix are the right replacement depending on number of screens connected.
Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 23.04.2009 18:32
Actually the machine they are using is an Alphaserver running OpenVMS. I'm not sure exactly when they replaced their old VAX but probably not more than a few years ago - probably shortly before the Alphaserver was beginnng to be phased out. They are a rather unique not for profit company and everything there (hundreds if not thousands of programs) have been developed over the years using BASIC. In fact the reason they began using a VAX back in the early 1980s was because it was donated to them. For a while in the late 80's and during the early to mid 90's they also used a 4GL product called SmartStar that was pretty much just a Vax based product. I don't think SmartStar has been updated or marketed in quite some time but it was a pretty amazing product back then. I believe they have dabbled with Cold Fusion a bit but I don't think they have had a lot of success. I agree that rewriting the old apps would be best - but with the limited development manpower they have it would be a seemingly endless task to try to rewrite and test everything. However, if they could do things a little bit at a time it might be more manageable. I developed a lot of applications during my tenure there using BASIC and VAX SMS (Screen Management Services) during the early and mid 1990s but at that time almost everything was still being done in a terminal based environment. I was extolling the virtues of Windev/Webdev to my friend and thats why I thought I would post here and see if anyone had used it on a VMS system. By the way I think OpenVMS is still alive and kicking and that HP (who bought Compaq who bought DEC) has ported it to an intel based platform.

von Glenn Knott - am 23.04.2009 20:42
Yeah, those were the days.
( in those days we used SUN Apollo workstation, and later on Vax workstations to create one of the very first OCR libraries )
Well, You should be able use Windev via HP Java... But I am just guessing.

VMS++ = W(indows)NT :)

von BLS - am 24.04.2009 12:38
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