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WD12 Component vs Library (What should I use ?)

Startbeitrag von Andres Sanchez am 23.04.2009 23:12

Hi Everyone:

I know this is being covered in the WinDevCon 2009, but I cannot wait.

Anyone using components or Libarary, to encapsulate a specific set of routines, that I probably want in every of my projects, and I would like it to be quick and easy to add to a project?

Anyone knows the difference between components and libraries ?


Andres Sanchez


Hi Andres,

I have used libraries before components were introduced and never stopped using them.
I love the simplicity of the concept, so I never bothered to look into components.
Libraries are simple, just load and unload them as needed. They can contain anything you want.
As I understand components are more suitable for sharing between different applications and commercial sharing between developpers.


von Piet van Zanten - am 24.04.2009 12:16
Hello Piet:
I think the same..However, I was wondering how "easy" would be selecting the components (windows, reports, etc) to be included into each library when the project has more than 100 elements..
I mean, each time you create the library you will go through a table in order to select which components to include...And you need to go through each component in order to check it if you want it included. Do you found a better way to do this?


von Gus - am 24.04.2009 16:22
Hi Gus,

I use different folders for different libraries. In the selection window you can easily select all files from one folder (scroll to the right and sort on the physical file location)
For the executable I select everything that is in the root. For the different libraries I use the .wdu file and edit it if necessary. I wrote a small application to "clean up" and sort the .wdu files.
I regret that PCsoft kind of abandonned the library concept in favor of the component. As I said, I would prefer some kind of batch library generation based on a script.


von Piet van Zanten - am 24.04.2009 16:47
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