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How to find out who locked a hyperfile record?

Startbeitrag von Albert Buitenhuis am 24.04.2009 21:16


We often get the question whether it is possible to mention who locked the record of a hyperfile. For instance, someone in the organisation (>100 simultaneous users) changes an article record, gets a phone call and leaves the office for lunch without saving/ unlocking the record; leaving other users not being able to change the record, but also not telling who the heck has to be blamed for that.

I know the Windows tools to investigate who's got the lock on the file. But I do not know how Windev can investigate that. In stead of popping up a "I'm sorry, the record is locked by another user" I would rather tell "I'm sorry, Günther did it!" :-)

Does anybody know API code/ Windev code to get such information? That would be very nice....!

===> I know everything 'bout optimistic and pessimistic locking, that's not the issue here. I hope that is clear...

Have a good weekend!




isn't HInfoLock() the one you need?


von Arie - am 24.04.2009 21:37
Albert, don't know of an automatic way of doing it, but if you want to use the idea I presented to Jenny regarding writing to a control file for each record, and add the users name that "locked" the record, that may work.

von Art Bonds - am 28.04.2009 06:41
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